Introducing the Keynote Lectures

The countdown to the TechCo online conference “Digital Technologies in the COVID-19-Pandemic: A Transnational Dialogue between Germany and Japan” has begun and we are looking forward to the beginning of the conference.

As you probably saw in the official programme of the conference, the event features three keynote lectures, about which we are particularly thrilled and that we would hereby like to present you.

Prof. Satoshi Kodama, PhD
Ethical Challenges of the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Japanese Perspective

On Monday the 14th of March at 9:15 CET (17:15 JST) Prof. Satoshi Kodama from the University of Kyoto will present how Japan experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, exploring the theme from the perspective of disaster management while also addressing the ethical challenges that such crises pose and the discussions it generates.
More information on Prof. Kodama’s keynote can be found here.

Dr. Susanne Brucksch
The Locale of Japan. Approaches to the Social Study of (Digital) Health Technologies”

On Tuesday the 15th of March at 10:45 CET (18:45 JST) Dr. Susanne Brucksch of the German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ) will expose how locales and social contexts can affect the approach to health technologies,  presenting a new perspective on the possibility of studying the creation and application of health technologies as a co-constitutive process of social and technical factors.
More information on Dr. Brucksch’s keynote can be found here.

Prof. Dr. Robert Ranisch
Digital Technologies during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Ethical Perspectives from a European Perspective

The final keynote lecture of the conference takes place on Thursday the 17th of March at 10:45 CET (18:45 JST). In it, Prof. Dr. Robert Ranisch, from the University of Potsdam, would address the German and European discussion on privacy, the importance of trustworthy data technologies, and the ethical discourse on responsible research and innovation on digitization in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
More information on Prof. Dr. Ranisch’s keynote can be found here.

If the topics addressed resonate with your interests and you wish to follow these lectures, you can do so by following the links available on each lecture’s description page. 

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