Ann-Katrin Voit

“Brave New World: How does the Economic Supply and Demand Side Change(d) due to Technology Developments and How will the Markets React in the Future?”

Date: Monday, 14 March 2022
Time: 10:45 CET (18:45 JST)

The last few decades have been shaped by technology and digitization. We stand by a new age in which only one thing will be constant: change. Advanced digitization, especially smart solutions and robotics will change both supply and demand significantly. New goods are constantly appearing and displacing existing markets, while the demands on employees will continue to rise at the same time. This will result in both opportunities and risks: it will be benefical to constantly increase prosperity, health and supply due to technical possibilities. At the same time, it becomes a global competitive factor when countries can draw on a well-educated population. The major risk of this development can be distributive justice, which is negatively influenced by the change.